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Kausalan Urheilu- Ja Koneliike Oy

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Phone ..... +358 05 3261 085
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Zip/City ... 47400 KAUSALA

Opening hours

Weekdays ..... 9-17
Saturdays ..... 9-13

Official Stihl maintenance

You will find most of the spare parts from our store and you will get professional support. We serve you whenever our store is open and most of the time the maintenance is done on the next day!

Lawn mower maintenance

Is there something wrong with your lawn mower? Call and make an appointment with us. Mainly we fix mowers with Stiga's or Briggs & Stratton's engines.

Bicycle maintenance and repairs

Bring your bicycle to us and it will be better than new. From us you will also find spare parts and equipment for all kinds of cycling!

Ice skate sharpening

We are using SSM-2 ice skate sharpener. We'll sharpen your skill skates or hockey skates regardless of the season!